Cottonwood Necklace by Lisa LeFlore                  

 Artist Statement and Motivation to Create


I gain inspiration from the world around me.  Something as simple as a flower, shape of a street light, or a courtyard fence may stop me in my tracks.  My pieces reflect a distillation of the various striking and compelling design elements I encounter.  As those design elements percolate through my brain, I develop a visual image of something that I feel compelled to create. 

Often, my work derives from the idea of containment, which is continually explored through a variety of organic shapes, materials, and surfaces juxtaposed with industrial looking metals. I use traditional silversmithing techniques with the finest quality silver, copper and natural stones to create a wearable artwork that often serves as an interpretation of the natural world overcoming external constraints.  

I strive to use ethically sourced materials and to know the origin of my gemstones, and often use a variety of organic materials, including leather, wood, and seeds.  I enjoy devoting extra time and attention to detail to ensure that each piece I create will live up to my high standards.  I work until I feel I have crafted a true example of my vision.